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Sept. 20, 2022

Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis (Luxury Real Estate Community Profile)

Florida Tennis at the Highest Level Imaginable - Kids Training to Turn Pro

Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis is a place that you need to check out if you are in the area. It is a great place for all ages and interests, with plenty of amenities and activities for kids and adults alike. The staff is friendly and helpful, with a passion for what they do. Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis offers an excellent selection of activities which include swimming, tennis, basketball, table tennis and much more. If you don't know what to do during your visit then just ask the staff because they will be able to help out. If you are looking for somewhere to stay then there are plenty of options available such as apartments or house rentals. You can also choose from different types of accommodation.

The school offers a wide range of courses, including French language classes for intermediate levels and advanced programs for both adults and children from ages 5 to 18 years old. The school also offers Spanish classes for adults who want to learn Spanish or improve their proficiency level in the language. Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis' mission is to provide a safe environment where students can grow academically while learning what it means to be part of a community. The school values its international student population which makes up over 90% of students at the school each year! Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis's mission is to provide a safe environment where students can grow academically while learning what it means to be part of a community. 

The school values its international student population which makes up over 90% of students at the school each year! The facility has a number of amenities for the members of the club, including indoor and outdoor courts for those who want to play tennis year-round. There are also two swimming pools inside the building where members can swim laps or take classes from instructors who teach swimming techniques. Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida - Naples Bath and Tennis is one of the best places to play tennis in Naples, Florida. In addition to providing a wide range of services for members, the club has several courts that are open to the public. The courts are located across from an athletic field and are easily accessible by car.

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Sept. 15, 2022

The True Meaning Behind What Makes Port Royal in Naples Florida One of the Finest Luxury Communities in the World

Port Royal Naples Florida - Above and Beyond Anything Else

Out of all the traveling that the majority of us have done over the span of the last 10 to 20 years, what communities have truly stood out the test of time?

We are referring to luxury real estate that is... Port Royal fits that response strategically.

One of the leading factors that separates the greatest enclaves in the world is exclusivity and privacy. Port Royal has them both and them some. As you pass Coquina Sands and Aqualane Shores on your way down Gordon Drive, you simply cannot help but notice the extraordinary and grand elegance of the massive acreage estates along the right hand beach side of the road.

Some so extreme and private that you can barely even make out where the actual home is. When it comes to large estates in Florida and their opulence, The Who is Who truly does not matter like the majority of us would think it does. Rather, the super rich would much more prefer their quiet peace and privacy be preserved instead. Large gates on Gordon Drive are predominately dispersed along some of the grand dream mansions as well.

Port Royal in Naples Florida provides each owner with direct water frontage and access to the Gulf of Mexico. This in and of itself is really priceless. Recently properties have been coming on the market for well over $10 million in Port Royal that are seriously being considered as to be torn down and replaced with new construction. This is not uncommon in this community as the land value is super highly regarded for it's amazing location and all that becoming a part of the Port Royal neighborhood prices command.

There are plenty of private yachts and watercraft in length of over 50 feet and 60 feet in boat length with more than likely at least 6 or 7 feet in water depth through the waterways. Obviously, we always recommend to have a true professional advise on this aspect when it comes to each person's individual and private boating needs.

The second conversation most high level buyers are having with themselves and those they seek options and opinions from, are with regards and respect to location. Many Americans for example feel a sense of pull to owning their second home here within the US rather than in Europe or overseas. Not all but many, and for the sake of close distance and the fact that their investment remains on a rather stable soil. Others, however, feel that spreading themselves out into foreign markets is just what they want to do.

Properties in the South of France, Monaco, and the Virgin Islands too have been increasing in value most recently for this reason. Port Royal, however is a part of Florida that continues to feel really special when it comes to large lots, dream home exterior appeal, and incredible amenities too. The Port Royal Club for example is at the height of ultra luxury with an oceanfront dining experience like no other. The har-tru tennis courts across from the club are also very classy and provide a wonderful day out with friends.

The best part for many is that Port Royal is located down at the end of the peninsula and still somewhat of a best kept secret when it comes to less traffic and congestion like some high end luxury communities in other parts of the country like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Naples still remains a very quaint city with a small town luxury vibe. Many believe that for this reason, Port Royal still continues to attract millionaires and billionaires when are in search of the ultimate tropical luxury palm tree life.

All Port Royal Active and Available Naples MLS Listings September 2022

All Port Royal Active and Available Naples MLS Land Listings September 2022

All Port Royal Active and Available Naples MLS Homes Listings September 2022

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Most Expensive Port Royal MLS Listings September 2022

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Sept. 1, 2022

8 Naples Florida Red Carpet Most Expensive Homes for Sale $25 Million Plus

The Definition of Ultra Luxury Real Estate is on Display in Naples, Florida

As we enter the last third of the year and Spring is almost upon us, the luxury real estate market here in Naples Florida continues to flourish at the ultra high level. Sales are still continuing to take place even though rates have risen and other markets have obviously been affected. When it comes to real estate at the super rare and unique level, buyers who know what they are getting are still continuing to aggressively pursue the trophy one of a kind waterfront and beachfront properties. Florida, especially Southwest Florida, remains one of the most sought after lucrative real estate markets in the world. Boating, Sailing, Tennis, and Golf are just four primary reasons that add to an already amazing lifestyle.

Port Royal continues to be the unprecedented leader when it comes to a private luxury enclave that is home to the finest waterfront homes imaginable. The very high end market here in Naples over time continues to increase in price per square foot along with the super high quality of craftsmanship that these homes are accustomed to being built. The parameters and standards for which these amazing contractors set is by far at the highest level in the world. Just taking a simple drive down through Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, or Park Shore, one cannot help but to be amazed at the level and exuberance at which these mega dream homes have been developed.

Naples, still remains a quiet little town even though the high end luxury real estate is surpassing price point levels never ever seen before. In the summer, this small coastal city is actually fairly quaint and dining at the best restaurants on 5th avenue is actually somewhat of a breeze. Come season in the winter months, the story changes. Reservations are definitely recommended. Within Naples there are also high end car dealerships including Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Bentley Motors. This once quiet oceanfront fishing village has now been turned into one of the most coveted luxury beachfront havens for the ultra rich millionaires and billionaires worldwide. It is no wonder our previous Governor Rick Scott chooses to live here and no place else.

Below, we have assembled a list of the 8 most expensive listings in Naples, Florida at this time.

8 Mega Luxury Homes Starting at $25 Million Plus

1. 4100 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Naples — Venetian Estates - $35,000,000

2. 3675 Gordon Dr, Naples - $31,000,000

3. 3595 Gin Ln, Naples - $27,900,000

4. 3131 Gin Ln, Naples - $25,950,000

5. 1030 Galleon Dr, Naples - $25,900,000

6. 4120 Cutlass Ln, Naples - $25,900,000

7. 600 Galleon Dr, Naples - $25,000,000

8. 970 Aqua Cir, Naples - $25,000,000

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Aug. 29, 2022

Port Royal and Naples' Most Discerning Luxury Beachfront Real Estate Market Update Summer 2022

Summer 2022 Port Royal Naples Beachfront Real Estate MLS Market Update

All Port Royal Active and Available Current MLS Listings

All Port Royal Active and Available Current MLS Single Family Home Listings

All Port Royal Active and Available Current MLS Vacant Land Listings

All Port Royal Sold MLS Listings in the Last 6 Months

All Port Royal Sold MLS Listings in the Last 12 Months

All Port Royal Sold MLS Listings in the Last 2 Years

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July 4, 2022

Happy 4th of July - Independence Day From in Florida

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July 1, 2022

Wishing All Canadians A Happy Canada Day From Our Naples Luxury Real Estate Team - July 1st, 2022

June 5, 2022

Naples Luxury Nightlife, 5th Avenue, Real Estate and Your Tropical Dreams Beyond

Naples 5th Avenue - An Evening Stroll and Night Out to Remember

We all remember those first time memories we have made along the way, be in seeing the aqua blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, or watching a watching a red Ferrari go by. 5th Avenue in Naples Florida is no different than either one of those. For those that know what we are talking about not much more needs to be said. However, for the others that have never been here or have only seen it on the internet, the time is now. Naples is calling and it is time to go. No other place in the world has left such an impression when it comes to dining in the evening as to the effect for us yearning to come back for more. The luxury cars lined in the evenings along 5th avenue are something out of a motion picture movie. The high end executives chefs preparing and serving their clientele only the finest each night is a stunning masterpiece, almost art like in a sense of the word.

Naples 5th Avenue is home to boutique shops, high end real estate and development offices, and best of all - superfluous restaurants serving dishes from the world over. At Christmas time and during the holidays Naples 5th avenue is lit up with impressive lighting and decorations for what seems like a mile. The music, the ambiance, and most of all, the atmosphere cannot be matched anywhere in America. Naples is still more of a quaint beach town than most would like to admit. There were times when years went by during our family vacations down to Florida where still yet we were not even remotely aware of what this fantastic small town was all about. Especially, not 5th Avenue and all that it stood for. The opulence and high level real estate surrounding it is just the beginning.

Complimenting 5th Avenue are 3 top tier neighborhoods:


Newest and Active Port Royal MLS Listings in June 2022


Newest and Active Olde Naples MLS Listings in June 2022


Newest and Active Aqualane Shores MLS Listings in June 2022

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May 26, 2022

Bookelia Island - Old Florida Charm Coupled with Ultra-Luxury Waterfront Living (Community Spotlight)

Bookelia Island, Florida

Bookeelia Island is very popular community found at the northern end of Pine Island. This is a simply an old town historic Florida luxury village. What makes it unique is that it has water based borders from three different sides. Over the years, more and more real estate properties appeared on the island thanks to it's incredible location and amazing ocean views. This is also a great place for boating, playing tennis, and even fishing. 

Facts and Information: Bookelia Island?

One of the interesting things to note about Bookelia Island's history is that the original settlement is still in tact on the island. It did evolve over the years, but it continues to be there, and it truly stands out with it's unique style. Bookelia Island is connected to Pine Island via a small bridge, and the island itself covers approximately 11.2 square miles of impressive land. There is also Little Bookelia Island, which is a private island off the shores of main island, and it is currently owned by Charles Burgess.

According to the latest census, there are close to 2000 residents living in Bookelia Island, with a population density of 225.7 people per square mile. The median income for a home here is around $363,319. When it comes to home prices, the average sold price for real estate properties in Bookelia is is $454,000. Like many other place in the United States, prices are calculated on the yearly date made available.

Explore the Possibilities: Bookelia Island?

A lot of people that visit Bookeelia Island like going to the Fishing Pier, either for enjoying nature or just boating. There is also the local Bookelia Art Gallery which has a great selection of jewelry glass, pottery, clothes and other similar items. The also have the Museum of The Islands, which brings in a lot of information about the past and how people used to live here and in Southwest Florida in general many centuries ago.

If you enjoy adventuring, the Pine Island Adventure Charters can really help to make your. experience more immerse and fun. Due to it's location the Bookeelia island offers perfect opportunities for anyone that wants to live a more tranquil life. All this while still making a good living do so. The pull to Bookelia and Pine Island is the more relaxed and laid back way of life compared to other parts of Florida and city life.

Moving to Bookeelia Island is rather seamless, and real estate prices are still better when compared to other neighboring areas and communities nearby. Naples and Sanibel are more than likely going to be double the price for the same type of square footage and age built. Keeping the same views in mind it will simply just come down to what it is that you really want. This area has attracted more and more people to Bookelia Island over the years, especially those looking to enjoy golf, tennis, and the Alden Pines Country Club. 

Additional Bookelia Information From Naples Agent

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April 22, 2022

Downing Frye on the Verge of 20 Year Recipient Award for Best Real Estate Office in Naples, Florida 2022

March 22, 2022

Conners Vanderbilt Beach, NAPLES, FL. - One of the Most Underrated Waterfront Boating Communities in the World

Neighborhood Spotlight - Conners Vanderbilt Beach

In between Bay Colony and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park lies a very intriguing precious jewel community we have come to call Conners. Starting out with 3 one of a kind streets and 13 above it, all homes here either have private docks accompanying them or the ability to do so. Prices have now climbed significantly leading entry level buyers into this community having to realize that the best priced single family home listing is on the market for $3,600,000. The cream of the crop at the top is an out of this world home that is commanding close to $14 million respectively. 

Bayview Avenue (Southern Most of All Three)

Channel Drive (Middle Street)

Seabreeze Avenue (Top Most Northern Street of All Three)

The other 13 streets in Conners are across from the 3 finger streets and are connected to Vanderbilt Drive. Below, is a list of all thirteen real estate streets starting from the most Northern End down towards south Naples. In all however, there are 17 finger streets off of Vanderbilt in this community. 

Flamingo Avenue, Heron Avenue, Egret Avenue, Conners Avenue, Seabee Avenue, 

Germain Avenue, Seagull AvenueWillet Avenue, Tradewinds Avenue, Lagoon Avenue,

Bayside Avenue, Pine Avenue, Oak Avenue

The waterway canals of Conners have recently been cleared and enhanced providing the confident ability to be able to charter a boat up to 45 feet in length. From boating to beaches, to shopping to real estate, this is a one stop luxury lifestyle sequential with wanting to live the best live. Single family homes and condos located just off Gulf Shore Blvd. There are thirteen prime oceanfront lots in Conners with luxury homes that actually from the beach. The appealing aspect to having a home in Conners on the one of the 3 finger streets is that you can have a boat in your backyard but also be able to walk to the beach from your residence.

Moraya Bay built in 2009 is also a fantastic option in Vanderbilt beach. It is still the newest building built on the water in the area. Owning a condo rather than a home is something to consider as there should be less maintenance to deal with. Mercato shopping is also a highly regarded location for dining, movies, shopping, and simply just spending a day or afternoon exploring. In less than 2 miles you will arrive at the Pavilion which offers more shopping and an L.A. Fitness. Four grocery stores are in the Vanderbilt Beach area near Conners. They are Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and 2 Publix Super Markets. In additional and bonus there is a Walmart less than 2 miles from Vanderbilt Beach.

Conners Community Information and Real Estate

Newest and Active MLS Mapped Conners Real Estate Listings Homes and Vacant Land

Conners Active and Most Expensive MLS Home for Sale in 2022 - $13.9 Million

Conners Active and Least Expensive MLS Home for Sale in 2022 - $3.6 Million

Conners Active and Vacant MLS Lot for Sale - $4 Million - 141 Channel Dr. Naples

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