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Nov. 29, 2021

Eleven Eleven Central Naples Newest Luxury Real Estate Condos Making a Commanding Statement - Photos Blog

Above: 7 Up to Date Images of Eleven Eleven Central Naples [Newest Luxury Condos 2021]

Eleven Eleven Central - All Active New Listings Currently Available in the Naples MLS

Eleven Eleven Central - Detailed Real Estate Information Page - Phase 1 & 2 SOLD OUT

(Phase 3 - SELLING NOW)

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Nov. 20, 2021

Naples Small Town Atmosphere - the Perfect Candidate for Luxury Home Seekers From Abroad

Welcome to An Extraordinary Realm, Welcome to Naples, Florida

If there is anything that Florida does not offer we would love to hear about. However, when it comes to seeking a lifestyle littered with incredible seclusion, gated communities, and sunsets out of this world, we have a special story for you. Please continue reading. For the longest time travelers from up north and from abroad have been taking short vacation trips to the sunshine state. Florida ever since we can remember was a place where our family would take off to for 1 to 2 weeks at a time during the winter and spring seasons. For many, this continues to be the case, just a wonderful place to visit. For the others, and those who know what it is they have gotten themselves into, Southwest Florida is a haven and a paradise like no other. That being said, cities like Clearwater, and Sarasota are about as far as we would go along the Gulf side of the State. It was not until our adult years in which we decided to take the kids and travel further south to basically stumble upon the most incredible piece of luxury real estate in the world.

Welcome to Naples. What started as a simple Sunday afternoon drive to preview a few open houses on the way to Miami, turned into a let's stay the night because we simply just cannot seem to get enough of this place. To it's north are the spectacular and just as impressive locations of Sanibel and Captiva. To it's south is the beautiful Marco Island. All just as unique, just as special, and most certainly just as exclusive. Naples for the most part is this quaint and quiet yet elegant city that at times does tend to bustle especially along 5th Avenue. Patrons and diners stroll along the streets exorbitantly exploring the best restaurants available at any given time. The real estate in Naples has shot out the roof with prices reaching for new levels in an atmosphere that seems to have no end in sight. Ultra high end builders are so busy that homes are being spoken for prior to them even breaking ground. There is a high level of cash influx in this country and more than anything, it is evident here in Naples, Florida.

Those looking to retire are finally going for it. The world pandemic has changed many aspects of real estate buying and selling but what it has not done is change the demand for exquisite real estate locations like that of this fantastic community we come to call Naples. Living along the water, in mansions on the beach, or private gated community enclaves in Florida comes with many perks you simply will not find elsewhere. Tennis and golf are so abundant here that it really does get taken for granted at times. The residents are pampered with special car passes to be able to visit the beaches and park in the many private little sections off the main road. Only a few dedicated stalls are offered so it is best to go early morning to ensure receiving a spot. Generally, Naples has been referred to a small quaint little town secret. Unlike other remarkable cities, this one has so many incredible gated communities and neighborhoods that the feeling of safety is obviously more than just evident. Living in Naples for many is not just a dream come true, but a life choice made with an extreme amount of knowhow and confidence. A place like no other.

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Nov. 8, 2021

Florida's Private and Secluded Luxury Island Homes for Sailing Enthusiasts

10 Incomparable Island Locations to Explore (Southwest Florida's Best)

Bookelia Island

History abounds on this special island, considered the Tarpon fishing capital of the world. Charlotte Harbor is also within vicinity and just a few moments away. Several cottage style listings freshly updated and remodeled making it iconic.

All Active and Currently Available Bookelia Island MLS Listings (124 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Bookelia Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $1,999,900

Captiva Island

A special place in which you will discover and come to learn that when the sun goes down no one heads home just yet. Secluded location at the end of an already beautiful waterfront island location. Tennis, beaches, shopping, all private.

All Active and Currently Available Captiva Island MLS Listings (14 Properties Total)Currently 

Most Expensive Captiva Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $10,995,000

Hideaway Beach

A private shoreline enchantment with some of the most dazzling waterfront views available in the world. Situated on more than 300 acres including a private owner's beach club. Hideaway Beach is exactly that, a hidden Florida secret.

All Active and Currently Available Hideaway Beach MLS Listings (11 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Hideaway Beach Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $10,088,000

Isles of Capri

Comprised of a total of 600 acres with four merged mangroves this fantastic opportunity is just 2 miles north of Marco Island's bridge along state road 951. A slower pace of life awaits for visitor's and future homeowner's headed here.

All Active and Currently Available Isles of Capri MLS Listings (13 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Isle of Capri Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $5,980,000

Keewaydin Island

Consider it paradise and then some. This is a barrier island primarily off the coast of Naples down towards Marco Island. The only way to explore it and reach it is via boat. Boarded by inland waterway to the east and the Gulf of Mexico too.

All Active and Currently Available Keewaydin Island MLS Listings (2 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Keewaydin Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $2,650,000

Key Marco

A most luxurious location off the beaten path. While most residents and visitors coming to the area will stay to the right and head toward Marco Island, for those intrigued with quiet beauty, Key Marco's gated entrance awaits to the left.

All Active and Currently Available Key Marco MLS Listings (14 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Key Marco Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $3,450,000

Marco Island

By taking a 20 mile drive south of Naples Florida you may come upon something you wish you had discovered a long long time ago - Marco Island. Just 198 nautical miles away from Havana, Cuba, this is southwest Florida at it's best.

All Active and Currently Available Marco Island MLS Listings (235 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Marco Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $18,000,000

North Captiva Island

If there is one paramount way of putting it, then thanks to a hurricane in 1921 this magical true island life would never have been created. Now, only accessible by boat or seaplane, North Captiva is for the serious explorers at heart.

All Active and Currently Available North Captiva Island MLS Listings (23 Properties Total)

Most Expensive North Captiva Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $2,650,000

Sanibel Island

Considered one of the most popular getaway destinations in all of the United States. Sanibel is home to a sea shell collectors most imagined dream come true. White sandy beaches for miles lined with ultra mansions and luxury condos.

All Active and Currently Available Sanibel Island MLS Listings (66 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Sanibel Island Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $7,995,000

Useppa Island

It is as if we saved the best for last but truly we did not. The content islands profiled in this article are in alphabetical order. However, Useppa Island is one the top rated island luxury destinations in the world. We do not state this lightly.

All Active and Currently Available Useppa Island MLS Listings (12 Properties Total)

Most Expensive Useppa Listing Fall/Winter 2021 - $3,195,000

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Oct. 25, 2021

Top 5 Active & Available New Construction Ultra Luxury MLS Homes in Naples Florida (Autumn 2021)

Naples is: Luxury Redefined

Creative coastal design does not happen by chance, it is an almost art form corrugated from the finest imaginable high level living spaces rolled into a magical real estate reality. Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel, and Captiva are all home to gracious ways of oceanfront and beach life living. Phenomenal boating occurs in these unique beachside cities and Naples has now become home to accommodating large yachts and ultimate luxury lifestyles of the rich and famous. Homes built by the best and highly acclaimed developers require much thought and creativity throughout the entire building process. Look no further than to the Naples Illustrated for a new foundation that celebrates all that the city has to offer including things to do, travel, food and drinks, and best of all, real estate in our quaint ocean beach town.

Certain details such as positioning are ideal when it comes to maximizing southern exposure for full year round sunsets and sunshine towards a luxury pool area. All of these fine intricacies could only be made possible by those who have done it time and time again. As we roll with the times, new architectural standards continue to take precedence over the old. Gulfshore Life is one such example to which many patrons have drawn ideas and inspiration for when it comes time to designing their newly picture perfect Naples luxury retirement home. Whatever excites the keenest of pleasure, is all right here in the beauty of having the ability to pursue a brand new construction home built in 2021 or newer.

Several of these products are at such a high demand that these contractors are having to set new completion dates well in 2022. Market demand has continued to pent up, resulting in new buyers having to be patient yet savvy all at the same time. Life in Naples is the go to magazine for all news luxury and everything in between. Being that Naples is a Southwest Florida coastal gem, some of the exterior paint colors being used are certainly reminiscent of tropical Caribbean and Cayman Island styles and wonders. Currently, in Naples there are 19 exclusive single family estate homes on the market priced at over $7 million plus which have or will have been built in 2020 or newer. Of these 19, only two of them are over $17 million. The most expensive of them currently showing active and available is that located at 1330 Galleon Drive. It is situated along 142 feet of water frontage making the whole entire scene more then prodigious. It is luxury real estate mecca.

Newest Properties for the Pickiest Ultra Luxury Naples Buyer - [A-List Type Listings]

1. 1330 Galleon Drive, Naples FL 34102 - List Price $27,900,000 - (Year Built 2020)

2. 2060 Gordon Drive, Naples FL 34102 - List Price $17,990,000 - (Slated for Completion 2022)

3. 425 3rd St N, Naples FL 34102 - List Price $14,295,000 - (Slated for Completion 2022)

4. 342 Cromwell Ct, Naples FL 34108 - List Price $12,975,000 - (Year Built 2021)

5. 722 16th Ave S, Naples FL 34102 - List Price $12,800,000 - (Slated for Completion 2022)

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Oct. 10, 2021

Naples Florida Fine Dining Luxury Options Rival Any Other City in the World

World Class Dining That Will Appease Any Restauranteur This 2021 Season

Naples Florida is not your average city. Neither is the flavor associated with an evening of fine dining and world class restaurants that make up the highly fashionable 5th Avenue. Florida's elegant beach town as we know it is not just about a day at the beach or enjoying your new gated community home with it's privately lit swimming pool at night.

Stroll for an evening out and you will notice that your options for amazing food are just steps away. 5th avenue in Naples is the end all and be all to bringing together cultures, food, and exceptional artistic dishes from chefs the world over. 

Depending on what is is that you are looking for, choosing a place to dine is very much like deciding which neighborhood will suite you best. Believe it or not, Naples has a massive array of both. Along the fine streets of fifth avenue, we have assembled a list in no particular order of (7) seven highly rated restaurants to share with our readers.

These are fantastic options for a cocktail, full course meal, or just some appetizers before heading out for the evening to watch the sunset at Naples Pier. Knowing that there are so many options to choose from, we could have obviously made the list much longer. These seven are just those that we picked this time around and based on the amazing online reviews:

Sails Restaurant

Ocean Prime

Truluck's Ocean's Finest Seafood and Crab

Osteria Tulia

Bice Restaurante

Alberto's on Fifth

Vergina Restaurant

2 Additional Unique Luxury Food Options In and Around Naples

Gumbo Limbo

Located in the heart of Naples Ritz Carlton Beach Hotel on the white sands of Naples Beach.

Lake Park Diner

Just steps away from the famous 5th avenue of Naples' famous downtown district.

Real estate in Naples a little bit different than in other parts of Florida. The streets are very well thought out and the gated communities are super well kept and abundantly clean. The level of luxury is like no other place in the entire country. Homes in the multi-millions are completely normal here as are beachfront and oceanfront condos. The only difference is that the sun is always shinning and the weather is always warn. Naples is a newer city. When it comes to the majority of construction, it is nice to see a place where everything always looks so new. All of the golf course and tennis communities that Naples represents offer many fantastic amenities. Swimming pools are almost a must and most of them are beyond anyones wildest dreams. The time and thought that goes into each amazing gated community in Naples makes it that much more appealing to want to live in.

A place like no other - Naples Life...

3 Impressive Ultra Luxury Real Estate Communities Near downtown Naples 

Olde Naples

A refined destination that is at the center of Naples and what super high luxury living means.

Park Shore

The definition of the perfect luxury high rise and single family waterfront home community.

Aqualane Shores

A tropical beach location in all of Naples comes a quiet yet exquisite waterfront neighborhood.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye Realty, Inc.

Sept. 27, 2021

New Construction Luxury Homes in Naples - Superseding Very High Demand This Autumn/Fall Season 2021

Naples Newly Built Homes and Condos Still Going Under Contract Expeditiously

Developers in Naples and surrounding areas are continuing to build at a record pace. The market is still in a frenzy to the extent that they do not necessarily need to offer a full 3% commission to the buyer's broker. Matter of fact, it is not being offered at all in several developments. This topic amongst Realtors has been going on for some time. When the market is hot buyers are walking in and buying anyways directly from the developer and their agents are not always being compensated even if there was a long-term relationship in place. Because the Naples market itself does not have a lot of new developments close to the water, this makes it even that much more appealing for developers to find lots and build new in high demand communities like Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, and Park Shore

Across to the right of I-75 there are still fantastic choices when it comes to buying a new home in Naples that has never been lived in or occupied. Lennar is building stunning luxury homes out as far as Ave Maria and Orange Blossom Ranch. Their product is something that buyers have mentioned they are really proud of. Most homes now how swimming pools as a standard option making it even that much more appealing and enticing. High quality construction is also taking place in 55 plus gated communities. For the active adult lifestyle Del Webb is implementing some impressive designs within communities that offer only the best in luxury amenities. Pulte and Taylor Morrison are two more choices to take into mind and consider. As far as listings that are in the ultra luxury level priced over $5 million most of the builders building those homes are much smaller in size and obviously built less homes each year. 

Dr Horton and KB Home are also notable mentions when it comes to new construction in Naples. The majority of these builders allow for the buyers to typically choose all of their finishes all the way down to even appliance packages and exterior and interior paint colors. Additional add-ons like a private spa are certainly something you may want to include. The choice comes down to your actual budget and what works and what does not. It is much easier to add several of these items in the beginning rather than trying to modify your property later on down the road. Most homes in North Naples are starting at prices in the $500,000 plus range and go all the way up to as high as $2-$3 million for brand new construction.

5 List of Potential New Construction Builders in Naples, Florida and Direct Links to Their Websites:

DR Horton

KB Home

Pulte Homes


LGI Homes

Taylor Morrison

Toll Brothers

3 Custom New Construction Home Searches for Fall 2021 in Naples:

130 Plus New Construction Homes in Naples Built 2020 or Newer

50 Plus New Construction Condos in Naples Built 2020 or Newer

100 Plus New Construction Listings in Naples Priced $1 Million or Higher (Built 2020 or Newer)

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Sept. 25, 2021

Naples Area Board of Realtors Most Current Real Estate Inventory & Market Update Year Over Year Summer 2020-2021

Most Up to Date - Naples Real Estate Market Conditions Year Over Year

The information presented below has been provided by the Naples Board of Realtors using statistics directly from the MLS. These figures are invaluable when analyzing market conditions as they show are ideal picture of what is currently taking place.

- The Naples real estate market trends continue to move along respectively. Inventory remains at all time lows with a 77% percent decrease year over year. The current inventory remains at 1,249 listings in total.

- The overall pending sales has fallen by 26% and by a total unit count of 1,101 respectively.

- Median closed price has increased for Naples year over year August 2020 to August 2021 by 12% making the new figure $441,300.

- The new listings analysis figure has increased from 23% which is remarkable year to date. This increase has resulted in almost one thousand new listings coming in at a total of 992.

- The closed sales figures are super important in that they portray a true of what is actually closing. The overall closed sales for year over year are at 1,033 units with a decrease of 8%. 

- Days on market is an outstanding number to analyze. Coming is extremely low at 22 this shows we are in one of the most historic real estate situations in Naples ever. This year over year figure has gone down by 77%.

In summary, Naples continues to thrive in real estate as a whole and at this time it does not look like there is an end in site to fast moving sales history, low inventory, and short days on market.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye Realty, Inc.

Sept. 11, 2021

Naples Florida Is Home To The Most Expensive Luxury Real Estate In The World - Five (5 Ultra Luxe Listings)

Naples Ultra Luxe Living Is Defined By It's Locale

The city of Naples Florida is home to some of the most expensive and wealthiest luxury homes anywhere in the world. This zip code of Port Royal is right up there with all of the fabulous homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, New York, and Miami. We are calling to all luxurious buyers looking for only the best that Florida has to offer. This well comprised article focuses on the absolute best available homes in Naples for Fall of this year 2021.

sWhat makes it very special and unique is that Naples for the most part is still considered a quiet and sleepy town. Even though this may not seem like the case during season when 5th avenue turns into a busy frenzy. Considered one of Naples most expensive estates, 2750 Gordon Drive $42,500,000 sits prominently along the Gulf of Mexico.

Currently in the MLS the five most expensive homes are listed as such:

1. 4540 Gordon Drive, Naples $49,500,000

2. 1330 Galleon Drive, Naples $27,900,000

3. 275 Gulf Shore Blvd. N, Naples $27,000,000

4. 2050 Gordon Drive, Naples $26,000,000 Price Increase ($8,500,000) 93 days ago

5. 7425 Bay Colony Drive, Naples $25,000,000

Two Bonus Listings Priced below $25 Million:

6. 555 Kings Town Drive, Naples $23,900,000

7. 1070 Nelsons Walk, Naples $22,900,000

When price is just a number, the ultra wealthy homeowner's reach a certain point of acquisition in which the best prized properties are not always about the price. The so called trophy properties in this world are owned by those who understand the true value of supply and demand. In addition, although this statement may sound cliche, it holds a lot of weight when only the finest will do.

Just like anything else, the homes along Gordon Drive are commanding some of the highest prices ever imaginable. This is all due in part to the fact that there are only some many 1 acre beachfront parcels like these of their kind. No other location in Southwest Florida even comes close.

[3 Three] Interesting Articles to Read

Regarding Naples Finest Real Estate and The Empirical Feeling of Gordon Drive:

$54 Million Compound Most Expensive in West Florida - Port Royal, Naples

Beachfront Mansion Sells for $48.8 Million

Property Sold (Asking $60.9 Million) Demolished for New Luxury Construction to be Built

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Sept. 6, 2021

Naples Pier - A Nostalgic Florida Icon That Helps Define The City Within

What Would Naples Be Without It's Famous Iconic Location... [Naples Pier]

A simple and eloquent stroll down to Naples pier after dinner for sunset is probably one of the most intriguing things to do in this quaint luxurious Southwest Florida town. In 1924 the Naples Pier was rebuilt. The V shape end is super original to it's double decking. One major improvement is the 1,000 foot extension it received. It's original length was only 600 feet. Serious and avid fishermen seem to congregate down at the end of the pier where the main crowds do not always venture out. The nature and scenery of wild dolphins is always an added touch.

A simple visit to the pier during a holiday weekend, especially in the winter months, and you will be presented with people from all over the world. Europeans, having taking an absolute loyal like to the city of Naples making the pier an obvious choice to visit when in town. The Naples Pier and the city of Naples go hand in hand. Spending time there is more of a nostalgic timepiece where it feels like you are a part of it's legendary history. Naples pier is like a picturesque scene out of a wildlife movie.

What make it super special is the calm unity between the visitors and the local fishermen that cast their lines out into the ocean with the hopes of providing a nice catch for their families. Groups of seniors come together here, children play, and teens hang about. It really is a magical place that brings together all cultures and all people. Every walk of life is represented here in unity and unison. There is also nothing like a walk with your loved one on a date. It's not only a place of happiness but love too. In the quiet and calm early mornings you can have the pier to yourself. In the evenings at sunset it is the most crowded. It is by far Naples most iconic place.

5 Remarkable Naples Pier Resources:

The Storied Past of the Naples Pier

Gulfshore Like - Naples Pier

The Naples Pier Timeline

Naples Pier Latest 2020 Restoration

The Old Naples Pier

3 Luxury Naples Pier Communities:

Olde Naples Latest Active Luxury Listings

Port Royal Latest Active Luxury Listings

Aqualane Shores Active Luxury Listings

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Sept. 6, 2021

Southwest Florida Is Home To Luxury Lagoons Dispersed Quietly Throughout The State [Photos Blog Summer 2021]

Photos Blog of Hidden Southwest Florida Lagoons

Many residents and visitors alike do not know about all of the incredible and hidden Florida lagoons. They are quietly dispersed throughout the entire state and several of them have been turned into parks and places to go and kayak and explore. In this photo blog we are sharing 3 fantastic photos with our readers. Everything in Naples and Southwest Florida is not always all about real estate and golf courses. Florida is one of the best places to visit but to also try new things.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye