A City So Special (To Many It Still Remains a Hidden Little Secret)

Naples, Florida is a stunningly beautiful city located along the Gulf of Mexico. With over 6 miles of white sandy beaches, it's no wonder that Naples is a popular destination for families and tourists alike. However, there are many other benefits to living in Naples beyond its pristine beaches and resorts. Below you will find many reasons why living in Naples is an amazing experience. The weather is amazing. Naples has year-round warm temperatures, with winters that rarely dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it an ideal place to live if you love warm weather but don't want to deal with the humidity of places like Miami or Orlando. The people are friendly. You might think that living in a tourist destination would make locals unfriendly toward tourists, but this isn't true at all in Naples. Residents are always willing to help out visitors and make them feel welcome in their community, which makes it easy for newcomers to feel right at home here.

There's plenty to do. In addition to great weather and friendly locals, there are plenty of things for residents and visitors alike to do in Naples. There are countless restaurants and bars with live music every night of the week; art galleries featuring local artists; and much more. You get access to some of the best schools in Florida with great public-school systems and private schools available at every level and some of the most amazing beaches on Earth. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Naples besides shopping and eating. There are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. One of these activities is golfing on one of the many golf courses in Naples. You will also find many parks and beaches where you can enjoy swimming or just relaxing on the sand with your loved ones.

If you love boating, fishing or sailing then you will want to check out one of the many marinas located along this coast line because it’s one of the most popular places for boating in America. The water here is so clear that you can see straight down into the ocean floor on most days without any trouble whatsoever. The city has a high quality of life that attracts many people who want to live there permanently. In fact, Forbes Magazine named Naples as one of America's Best Cities for Retirement due to its low crime rate, low cost of living, and high-quality medical care system. Naples offers plenty of luxury homes but also plenty of options for those who want something more affordable. There are plenty of condos available that come with resort-style amenities like pools or fitness centers so you don't have to sacrifice location or style just because you're on a budget.

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