Bookelia Island, Florida

Bookeelia Island is very popular community found at the northern end of Pine Island. This is a simply an old town historic Florida luxury village. What makes it unique is that it has water based borders from three different sides. Over the years, more and more real estate properties appeared on the island thanks to it's incredible location and amazing ocean views. This is also a great place for boating, playing tennis, and even fishing. 

Facts and Information: Bookelia Island?

One of the interesting things to note about Bookelia Island's history is that the original settlement is still in tact on the island. It did evolve over the years, but it continues to be there, and it truly stands out with it's unique style. Bookelia Island is connected to Pine Island via a small bridge, and the island itself covers approximately 11.2 square miles of impressive land. There is also Little Bookelia Island, which is a private island off the shores of main island, and it is currently owned by Charles Burgess.

According to the latest census, there are close to 2000 residents living in Bookelia Island, with a population density of 225.7 people per square mile. The median income for a home here is around $363,319. When it comes to home prices, the average sold price for real estate properties in Bookelia is is $454,000. Like many other place in the United States, prices are calculated on the yearly date made available.

Explore the Possibilities: Bookelia Island?

A lot of people that visit Bookeelia Island like going to the Fishing Pier, either for enjoying nature or just boating. There is also the local Bookelia Art Gallery which has a great selection of jewelry glass, pottery, clothes and other similar items. The also have the Museum of The Islands, which brings in a lot of information about the past and how people used to live here and in Southwest Florida in general many centuries ago.

If you enjoy adventuring, the Pine Island Adventure Charters can really help to make your. experience more immerse and fun. Due to it's location the Bookeelia island offers perfect opportunities for anyone that wants to live a more tranquil life. All this while still making a good living do so. The pull to Bookelia and Pine Island is the more relaxed and laid back way of life compared to other parts of Florida and city life.

Moving to Bookeelia Island is rather seamless, and real estate prices are still better when compared to other neighboring areas and communities nearby. Naples and Sanibel are more than likely going to be double the price for the same type of square footage and age built. Keeping the same views in mind it will simply just come down to what it is that you really want. This area has attracted more and more people to Bookelia Island over the years, especially those looking to enjoy golf, tennis, and the Alden Pines Country Club. 

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