Florida's Famous Naples Pier

Each evening as the beautiful sun makes it's way down upon the horizon, a magical yet relaxing event takes place. Dolphins in wild come to feed at the Naples Pier. It's a perfect combination of nature and beauty coupled into one. Most believe this happens due to the fishermen fishing from the pier. There has been much controversy over the years as to what should and should not happen here.What we know for sure is that the Naples Pier is so incredibly enchanting that millions of visitors continue to pour in to come and see it.

There is nothing like having an early dinner on a summer set evening and then heading over for a sunset stroll at Naples Pier. This place has been through a lot. Several hurricanes over the years have knocked it down, damaged it, and even dispersed it into pieces into the ocean.

Time and time again, the hardy community of the Naples people have come back to rebuild it better and stronger every step of the way. There are boardwalks, bridges, and piers all over this country providing it's residents with the opportunity to go fishing. However, there is nothing like Naples Pier. The city has provided it's users with all kinds of perks to make it very convenient.

The real estate surrounding Naples pier, especially the beachfront homes is beyond exceptional. Listings in the $50 million to $80 million are not uncommon. Selling them is another story of it's own. The prices in this area continue to demand new and higher levels. The homes selling on the interior that are not even beachfront have had several sales close in the $10 million plus range.

This in and of itself shows how spectacular the waterfront really is when it comes oceanfront living in Naples. Some call them gray skins (dolphins). We wish we could catch these sights on film but it makes it a challenge as you never know when the next one will arch it's back underneath the emerald hue waves.

Glistening into the sunset these majestic creatures continue to provide sights unseen for the residents and visitors of a city so magical. There is more to Naples then just expensive luxury homes and condos. It's a nature lovers haven.

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Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye