7 Reasons Why Our Website is the Best When it Comes to Cutting Edge Technology

Working with luxury buyers and sellers here in Naples is a full time career for us. We take extremely great pride in what we do. The constant monitoring and addition of new tools for our customers and clients is something that we strive to continuously improve upon. Below, we have assembled some of the finest and newest tools to make our website one of if not the best in all of Florida:

1. All MLS Listings Connected Live to the Naples, Sanibel, and Marco Island MLS

The ability to have first hand access with quick information at your disposal is extremely crucial right now, especially during market conditions where properties are moving very fast and multiple offers are being received. Our system is connected live to the MLS meaning that, when a listing agent makes a price change or update to the listings, you should see it on our website within a very reasonable time and not days. All luxury real estate is represented here.

2. All Listings Update Every 15 Minutes Through the Brokers MLS

This notion of providing information quickly trickles down again from number 1 above. The good news is that typically our site now updates every l5 minutes or so and sometimes even faster. The part that the user needs to understand is that it is very important to keep an eye out on their favorite listings so they do not miss crucial information and updates. Price changes and pending information are at the top of the list. This includes, condos, villas, land, estates, and homes.

3. Fastest Page Load Speeds Available Anywhere on the Web

As the world continues to forge forward and it has become evident that time is a valuable resource. Google's new algorithms for ranking websites highly has 100's of factors. One of them is to ensure that your website pages load very quickly and efficiently. Our website developers have ensured that our pages load super fast. We take great pride in this. The end result is that clients and customers will stay on the website longer all while enjoying the information we provide.

4. Incredible Descriptive Content Pages

Most real estate websites provide directly connected idx feeds displaying all of the listings and properties in the MLS including Naples luxury homes and condos in our area. We have taken this a step further to write incredible content pages which elaborate and share in depth local knowledge of each main development of sought after community. Our focus is the luxury market and we believe we have achieved a superior level of trust from our users when it comes to this aspect.

5. New Listings and Price Change Alerts Daily

Staying stagnant has never been in our repertoire or portfolio. One of the best ways to stand out in our opinion is to make sure that our website continues to show all new listings coming on the market but also all and any prices changes and adjustments. We also highlight the prices changes in red and with arrows to catch the attention of those seriously looking. These parameters are also connected live to the MLS and updated continuously and daily.

6. Beautiful and Multiple Large Property Specific Photos

Andre Agassi was once quoted in his infamous Canon commercial for saying, "Image is Everything!". We believe this to be 100% true. Photography and virtual tours in real estate at the highest and professional level are a must. We are waiting for the day in which the board or realtors for each Florida division disallows agents from taking their own photos. All listings and regardless of the price range deserve high end photos to be taken to help represent the property adequately.

7. Search MLS Sold Data just like a Florida Real Estate Broker

Lastly, but not least, we are thrilled to excite our customers by having the innate ability now to see what has sold, when it sold, and for how much. Some may believe we are a bit superfluous in providing this information but we do not. For starters, sold information is public information. So, instead of sending our customers and clients to public city and county real estate websites for the information, we now have connected our website live to this as well. The only difference is that we only provide MLS listings that have sold. An incredible tool moving into the new year 2022.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye Realty, Inc.