Luxury Living on Sanibel and the Spoils of Seashell Collecting

When you think of beaches, you might dream of gorgeous sea shells that litter the white sandy shores around the globe. Though there are many coastlines in Florida alone that display a beautiful array of sea shells, no other beach can compare to the beaches of Sanibel. Sanibel Beach in Naples, Florida is one of the most acclaimed beaches in all of South Florida. This array of beach finery, stunning white sand, and clear cyan waters make for a perfect summer get-away. Sanibel is everything a beach lover could ever dream of, it is truly everything and more. From taking a stroll during sunset to collecting sea shells with your family, Sanibel is the perfect place. Many tourists and local Floridians alike find Sanibel to be the island of their choice.

The beaches of Sanibel and Captiva make up a barrier island off the coast of Florida. Sanibel is technically a separate island, however it is still easily accessible from the city of Naples and the surrounding cities as well. They are only a short drive away from each other. One of the most popular activities associated with Sanibel Beach is sea shell gathering, also known as shelling. Shelling on Sanibel could be described as incredibly fun, and even addicting. Sanibel Island and Captiva Island have even been deemed as “The Shell Islands”. Shelling is so popular that many artists even make wonderful art pieces only using the shells that they have collected from the shores of Sanibel. This pastime is not only entertaining, it can also be the foundation for memories that will last forever. 

What truly separates Sanibel shelling from the many beaches across the world is the way the coast of Sanibel island receives its large shell assortment. Because of the sweeping currents of the Gulf of Mexico, and wide sloping geography, Sanibel is the perfect place for a wealth of sea shells to be deposited onto the shores. The shell variety ranges from anything to Conch Shells, or even the rare Junonia Shells. As you can imagine, many people would love to settle down and spend their lives living on the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. The real estate on Sanibel is just as lush and opulent as the beaches that surround these homes. Luxury beachfront condos and villas are also great options to consider.

There is a diverse range of single family home styles and accommodations for your every need. From luxurious condominiums, to breath-taking mansions, Sanibel can promise you the highest quality of living that it has available. When owning a property on Sanibel, you’ll be able to walk from the beach right onto your exquisite beach-front patio. With a tropical cocktail, your sandals squishing on fine sand, and the sunset illuminating the ocean with golden colors, you will feel as if you were walking a tropical dream. To the breezy warm weather, and the relaxed, luxury palm tree life, Sanibel is practically a tropical resort of the finest collection of portfolio realty in the world. Sanibel simply put is one of the most exceptional real estate opportunities ever.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye Realty, Inc.