Welcome to An Extraordinary Realm, Welcome to Naples, Florida

If there is anything that Florida does not offer we would love to hear about. However, when it comes to seeking a lifestyle littered with incredible seclusion, gated communities, and sunsets out of this world, we have a special story for you. Please continue reading. For the longest time travelers from up north and from abroad have been taking short vacation trips to the sunshine state. Florida ever since we can remember was a place where our family would take off to for 1 to 2 weeks at a time during the winter and spring seasons. For many, this continues to be the case, just a wonderful place to visit. For the others, and those who know what it is they have gotten themselves into, Southwest Florida is a haven and a paradise like no other. That being said, cities like Clearwater, and Sarasota are about as far as we would go along the Gulf side of the State. It was not until our adult years in which we decided to take the kids and travel further south to basically stumble upon the most incredible piece of luxury real estate in the world.

Welcome to Naples. What started as a simple Sunday afternoon drive to preview a few open houses on the way to Miami, turned into a let's stay the night because we simply just cannot seem to get enough of this place. To it's north are the spectacular and just as impressive locations of Sanibel and Captiva. To it's south is the beautiful Marco Island. All just as unique, just as special, and most certainly just as exclusive. Naples for the most part is this quaint and quiet yet elegant city that at times does tend to bustle especially along 5th Avenue. Patrons and diners stroll along the streets exorbitantly exploring the best restaurants available at any given time. The real estate in Naples has shot out the roof with prices reaching for new levels in an atmosphere that seems to have no end in sight. Ultra high end builders are so busy that homes are being spoken for prior to them even breaking ground. There is a high level of cash influx in this country and more than anything, it is evident here in Naples, Florida.

Those looking to retire are finally going for it. The world pandemic has changed many aspects of real estate buying and selling but what it has not done is change the demand for exquisite real estate locations like that of this fantastic community we come to call Naples. Living along the water, in mansions on the beach, or private gated community enclaves in Florida comes with many perks you simply will not find elsewhere. Tennis and golf are so abundant here that it really does get taken for granted at times. The residents are pampered with special car passes to be able to visit the beaches and park in the many private little sections off the main road. Only a few dedicated stalls are offered so it is best to go early morning to ensure receiving a spot. Generally, Naples has been referred to a small quaint little town secret. Unlike other remarkable cities, this one has so many incredible gated communities and neighborhoods that the feeling of safety is obviously more than just evident. Living in Naples for many is not just a dream come true, but a life choice made with an extreme amount of knowhow and confidence. A place like no other.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Realtor - Downing Frye Realty, Inc.